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  • ...with Hope Kiah for many, many years...

    I have enjoyed and benefited from a successful working relationship with Hope Kiah for many, many years working on my Grow Y’own website. Her ingenuity and creativity have resulted in increased traffic and business, which I otherwise would have never seen…

    Ken Kuhne, CEO, Grow Y’own Raised Beds

    ...the most pleasant person to work with

    Hope Kiah is by far the most pleasant person to work with and the most skillful at what she does in creating websites. I am so excited about my new website. Thank you Hope for helping me keep the site fresh and exciting, so that I may sell my work easily from the site.

    —Dan McBride, Santa Fe Artist

    …a site that far exceeded my expectations.

    Hope is the only designer I’ve worked with who understood what I was looking for. With me being in Flagstaff and Hope in Santa Fe, we had many conversations on the phone discussing the site and my company and products. I sent her examples of sites I liked and we talked about the different looks and features of each. Hope listened. She asked pointed questions. Basically, she took the time to learn about me, my business and my ideas for my website. And then, she took what she learned, added her own boundless and distinctive creativity, and produced a site that far exceeded my expectations.

    Bruce Sawyer, Owner
    Touch the Southwest Luxury Tours & Excursions


    ...takes away the stress of creating a website...

    When I started the task of finding a web designer, Hope Kiah’s website stood out. When we met, she made me feel comfortable with the entire process, listening to my needs and making smart suggestions. I felt like Hope was my partner as we discussed content, layout, and functionality of the site. She provided great insight as to what I needed, based on my competition. More than anything, she took away the stress of creating a site that will effectively market our service and she genuinely fulfilled our needs with no hidden “extras”.  As a start up business I really appreciated her attention to the cost aspect.

    –Margaret Mooney, Staging Santa Fe

    ...intuitive as well as creative and knowledgable.

    It has been a pleasure working with you, because you are also intuitive as well as creative and knowledgable. Your understanding of keywords really adds a lot.

    We couldn't be more pleased.

    We want you to know how much we appreciate all the work you did to create a new website for us. This has been a monumental hurdle and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so very much. It has been such a pleasure working with you. All the best,

    —Michael Jorgensen
    Jorgensen Builders of Santa Fe, NM


    The site came out awesome.

    We have used Hope Kiah and Santa Fe Web Design for two web sites now, (8 years) and we are totally pleased with both, especially this newer one. The way she accommodated our picky needs and worked with us was extremely patient and kind. Plus the site came out awesome. We are delighted! I would highly recommend her with 5 stars.

    —Terry (and Sheila Northway) Santa Fe Hobbit House

    You made it easy and fun.

    I want to take a moment to thank you for all the hard work you put in to the making of the Church of Antioch’s new web site. Its beautiful. It is everything I asked for. Also you were wonderful to work with and I enjoyed the experience very much. You made it easy and fun. I can’t thank you enough.

    —Bishop Doug Walker

    … beautiful representation of the book.

    Have looked at the site and it looks wonderful. In fact, I have tears in my eyes because it is just a beautiful representation of the book. Thank you so much.

    —Adele Ryan McDowell, author of Making Peace with Suicide

    ...tremendously motivating...

    Hope has the ability to make a subject which terrifies me look like fun. It’s tremendously motivating for me to think I could enjoy my website.

    Helene Aarons, 2016 SCORE workshop attendee

    ...excited about the increased traffic flow...

    Hand Precision Machining is excited about our new website, but even more excited about the increased traffic flow and the number of people using our contact forms. Hope helped us to focus in our keywords and  improve our search results for our industry. Read more…

    —Alex Hand, Hand Precision Machining

    ...our website is already working!

    Yesterday I got a call from someone from Silver City… I asked him how he found out about MASE and he said he did just a basic google search for mining issues in NM and found us that way!!!! That is so cool!!! Read more…

    —Susan Gordon, Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment

    Paypal.me: An Easy Way to Get Paid

    I am very excited about Paypal.me. If you want an easy way to get paid, you may want to follow along by visiting the starter page: https://paypal.me. Click the Create Your PayPal.Me Link and enter a good name.

    Nancy London, Writer

    One of the original authors of Our Bodies Ourselves,?Nancy London?offers one-day writing workshops in Santa Fe for women on Embracing the Shadow, as well as ongoing small writing groups. She has a private practice specializing in grief support. She also wrote Hot Flashes, Warm Bottles for mothers over forty. This book is BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, says Hope K. Nancy's new blog site?teaches us how to...

    Staging Santa Fe

    Do you need your home staged to sell? Troy Tryon, Margaret Mooney, and Larry Davis of?Staging Santa Fe?can help you make the sale. Their team will maximize the selling price of your home and minimize the number of days on the market, and consult with you to create a unique inviting and enticing atmosphere to distinguish your property from any other on the market. Read their testimonial about the...

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    See our Portfolio

    Take a look at our portfolio of websites, designed to be search-friendly and increasingly mobile as the years have progressed!

    See Hope's 2017 SCORE Talk

    The 4/19/2017 workshop was booked well in advance but you can see ?a short version here.

    Get Started!

    Contact long-time Santa Fe Web Designer and award-winning web author Hope Kiah to get started with a new mobile, social-friendly WordPress site, or to work on ?your existing site.

    Years in Business

    Clients since 1998

    Youtube Views

    Workshops & Webinars

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